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Couples Counselling

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Couples Therapy:
Reconnecting & Healing Together


Holly Shires
Trauma & Relationships Therapist

Rediscovering Connection in Times of Change

Welcome to a space where love and understanding grow, even through life's most challenging chapters. As a counsellor specialising in online couples therapy, I am dedicated to guiding couples to reconnect and support one another, as they navigate significant life events and changes. When our world changes or turns upside down, it can sometimes feel like we drift apart while we try to cope and adapt to changes. Whether you're figuring out new work or parenting roles, facing life challenges, or simply striving to deepen your connection, our sessions are a safe haven for reshaping and nurturing your bond.

Healing Together: Addressing Individual and Shared Trauma

Trauma can touch our lives unexpectedly, suddenly or slowly, leaving deep imprints on both individuals and relationships. If you or your partner have experienced some form of trauma, it's crucial to approach healing with empathy, care, respect and understanding. In our therapy sessions, I provide a compassionate and supportive environment for both members of the couple to address their experiences and needs. Together, we'll work towards understanding, healing, and rebuilding a stronger, more resilient connection.

Tailored Therapy in a Virtual Setting

Embrace the convenience and comfort of online therapy, accessible from anywhere you feel most at ease. Our virtual sessions are designed to fit your lifestyle, offering flexibility and privacy. Using a blend of traditional and innovative therapy techniques, each session is tailored to your unique relationship dynamics and personal preferences.

Begin Your Journey

Reconnect with your partner and transform challenges into opportunities for growth. Take the first step towards a renewed, loving partnership. Contact me to schedule your first online couples therapy session and embark on a path to deeper understanding and re-connection.

Call 1300 187 448

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