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Support for individuals and professionals from diverse backgrounds

Our experienced psychologists, counsellors and coaches work with individuals seeking support for workplace stress & anxiety, burnout, anger management, harassment, depression, workplace injury/trauma and sleep disturbance (and its impact on personal and professional life).


We also work with issues pertaining to enhancing work/life balance such as managing the work/home interface, improving time management and reducing procrastination.


As part of our work within diversity, we also focus on intersectionality i.e., how our unique identities of ethnicity, gender, sexuality and/or class can shape & impact our work & life experiences.


Diversity also means taking into account the issues of inter speciesism, and supporting both human and animal welfare. This means caring for human beings as well as our sentient animal companions with whom we share so much of ourselves, work and lives with. 

What are our specialisations?
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