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Sentient Professional Wellbeing

Sentient Professional Wellbeing (SPW) is a vibrant, growing psychology practice in the centre of Sydney’s CBD. We work with the full range of adult clinical presentations and in that sense much of what we do overlaps with other standard psychology practices. In addition, we are passionate about helping working professionals navigate the varied emotional and professional issues they face both in their personal and working lives.


While much of what we do might overlap with what is done in standard psychology practices, we take a broader view of our work as being part of the promotion of social justice, with a particular focus on mental health support for diversity, the animal welfare/ethical sector and supporting the wellbeing and effectiveness of working professionals. We are creative and use integrative approaches in a highly person-centred way while ensuring that what we do is built on a solid evidence base.


Rather than separately seeing a Psychologist for emotional issues such as stress, anxiety and depression, and an Executive Coach for workplace skills, we address these challenges holistically because in fact, they are interlinked. We offer particularly deep and rich understanding of the challenges faced by professionals in the animal care and animal welfare sector.

Drawing on our unique, extensive experience as Psychologists, Executive Coaches, Psychotherapists, Counsellors and Psychosocial Researchers - and as senior managers, we have created holistic programs that address this link between emotions and skills, both at work and at home. Our tailored programs blend emotion management strategies from the latest Psychological research with powerful Executive Coaching tools, to provide better outcomes in a more convenient, cost effective manner.


Our vision is to provide a holistic service that blends the emotional depth of Psychology with powerful Executive Coaching tools to promote the wellbeing of working professionals. Our work is centered around our core values of diversity, compassion and humanity.

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