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What We Do

We support both individuals and organisations to support growth and wellbeing. We can help you to identify what to focus on, and tailor a personalised program for your needs. Our multidisciplinary team provides a vast scope of expertise and knowledge, while our ethos centres around our values of diversity, compassion and humanity.

Our vision is to provide a service dedicated to the wellbeing of working professionals using a uniquely powerful, holistic approach that blends Clinical Psychology and Executive Coaching.


This approach is inspired by our broad range of expertise gained over many years as clinical psychologists, executive coaches, counsellors, psychotherapists and researchers - and as senior managers in large organisations. This has given us a deep understanding of the complexity of professional life, with increasingly busy personal and work lives intersecting to create greater emotional and practical demands on us.

Who We Support

Young Businesswoman



Organisational Wellbeing



Areas of Expertise

Each therapist on our team offers a unique set of specialisations and are trained in many different approaches, providing tailored support to clients. Visit our Areas of Expertise page for more information.

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