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Support for organisations to help maximise individual and team wellbeing

We provide powerful, innovative programs that blend the emotional depth of Psychology with the pragmatism of Executive Coaching for better outcomes.

Our vision is to provide a service dedicated to the wellbeing of working professionals using a uniquely powerful, holistic approach that blends Psychology and Executive Coaching.


This approach is inspired by our uniquely broad range of expertise gained over many years as Clinical Psychologists, Executive Coaches and as senior managers in large organisations. This has given us a deep understanding of the complexity of professional life, with increasingly busy personal and work lives intersecting to create greater emotional and practical demands on us.

Research clearly shows that compassionate organisations who show true care for their employees' wellbeing are much more sustainable and show superior financial performance. 

These benefits accrue because these organisations create positive environments that bring the best out of their people which, in turn, leads to: 

  • Greater productivity as people stay longer and are committed to going the extra mile

  • Greater ability to compete on quality rather than price

  • Improved organisational reputation leading to a greater ability to attract quality talent

  • Reduced costs due to turnover and absenteeism ​

Services for Organisations

People-Centic Strategy Development
  • Define a differentiated positioning based on the desired qualities and behaviours of your people

  • Define required culture to enhance reputation, retention and talent attraction

  • Define the optimal values, personality, emotional profile, capability and attitude mix required 

  • Build strategies to improve employee wellbeing
    and emotional engagement

Maximising Individual Wellbeing
  • Implement practical measures to maximise the wellbeing of your employees 

  • Executive coaching and leadership training

  • Cross cultural/intergenerational communications training

  • Wellbeing enhancement training for staff

  • How to identify mental health issues early and respond appropriately

Employee Wellbeing Measurement
  • Measure and monitor employee wellbeing
    drivers of organisational performance

  • Prioritise the main drivers for your organisation

  • Develop action plans at the organisational
    down to the team/individual level

Maximising Team Wellbeing
  • Optimising team communications
    and cooperation 

  • Conflict resolution

  • Bullying/harrassment

  • Mediation

  • Managing difficult leaders and staff

Organisations We Work With

Our work in and support for social sustainability involves identifying and managing the impacts of an organisation and its culture on its people i.e., the employees, workers in the value chain, customers as well as the local communities. We specialise in providing support to:

  • Compassionate organisations who show true care for their employees' wellbeing.

  • Social justive organisations

  • Animal care organisations

  • Organisations encouraging sustainable consumption and lifestyles

  • Organisations taking action on climate change

  • Other ethical/sustainably-led organisations.

Who Can Help

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Hamada Els (Principal)

Clinical Psychologist & Executive Coach. AHPRA-registered

Interests: Workplace issues including stress, burnout and role-related challenges, anxiety, depression, life transitions, men’s issues

In-person & telehealth appointments

Monday, Wednesday & Friday


Dr Jacky Wan

Multilingual Clinical Psychologist



Interests: Anxiety & depression, sleep disorders, psychotic spectrum disorders, work stress, trauma, life transitions, multilingual

In-person & telehealth appointments.

Thursday & Friday

Screen Shot 2022-05-06 at 12.17.36 pm.png

Dr. Robby Fullerton

Clinical Psychologist & Executive Coach

Interests: Depression & anxiety, grief, LGBTQI+ issues, leadership development, work stress, life transitions, and veteran return to civilian life

In-person & telehealth appointments

Monday to Friday

Bronwyn picture.jpg

Bronwyn Andersen


Interests: Career coaching, work stress, anxiety & depression, adolescents, ADHD, younger working professionals


In-person & telehealth appointments

Monday to Friday

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